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Foto Cantik dan seksi Model Putri Arifanti

Written By Ramadi Raurel on 22 Februari, 2012 | 15.16

Beautiful and fun. Very easy to like this one sweet girl. But behind the cute face, going through the wild side that makes the normal male heart beat faster.

Starting from a dance studio and modeling, this one sweet virgin and then fell in love with the world of travel. Sweet woman born in Jakarta on 29 September was also openly revealed that she really liked the oriental looking man with a stout body shape. The second child of three siblings and then tells the unique life experiences and interesting. Starting from the very coquettish little princess, a series of achievements, up to the nickname hyper sex from the boyfriend.

Chit Chat with Putri Arifanti

As the second of three brothers, what the family views as you dared to explore the modeling world and Entertaint?
As long as I explain to my family about what I do in accordance with the limit of normal, supportive family. Maybe Dad just a little fault-finding time yes, hehe ..

From childhood, you're stylish and look coquettish huh?
I did a small sort of super-active, coquettish and flirtatious. Mama may see talent from the likes kecentilanku style. From there my mom put me into a dance studio to distribute all the hobbies and my talent.

After growing up you still coquettish?
Apparently how? Hehe, does not coquettish, maybe more towards the super active and all want to know something new.

It matters what made you want to know?
Many, not be called one by one, going to be tired, hahaha ..

What is your impression after impression-you go on a photo session with Popular?
I certainly was happy to pose in Popular Magazine. Good concepts, always interesting and up to date. Automotive and inherent sexiness for me closely, yes Popular Magazine can choose a theme most associated with girls beautiful and sexy. Expert, hehehe ..

You've starred in several comedy movies, FTV, soap operas and commercials. What is most impressive and exciting for you?
Everything that I do, I'm happy to do it. When asked the most memorable and interesting, maybe soap operas 'Ganteng-Ganteng kok Monyet' same 'Cinta Fitri'. In two soap operas that I have valuable experience from playing with famous artists.

Talk about everyday life, you like to look sexy?
Every day I was sexy, hehe. Just a simple one, just wear a tight tank top or dress pants as jeans.

For business men, such as what you dreamed of?
It should be oriental-looking guy, older than I, have an athletic body, fragrant. And most importantly he should be able to support all my activities.

You're the kind of active or passive in the affairs of 'bed'?
Active dong, my daily life just been super active, especially for business in the 'bed'! Must be mutually satisfactory and understand our partner's desires. You know, I had the same boyfriend nicknamed me hyper sex.
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